The Board and Staff of MNAI are really excited to have won an EcoStar Award in t…

The Board and Staff of MNAI are really excited to have won an EcoStar Award in the Environmental Stewardship category! These awards “recognize outstanding environmental achievements and leadership by businesses, organizations and individuals.”


Municipal Natural Asset Management 101

A growing number of communities are considering undertaking municipal natural asset management.  It may look daunting at first, but it really isn’t much different than the standard asset management processes for which all local governments in Canada are responsible.  This primer, developed to support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, is a great place to start to learn basic steps that local governments can take.  Let us know if you have questions.


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2018 REFBC Land Awards – Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Winner in the Land Use and Conservation category for 2018!

Smart Prosperity Institute, Brooke and Associates, David Suzuki Foundation, and the Town of Gibsons

Natural features and ecosystems (like marshes, forests, and shorelines) can deliver services (like stormwater absorption, water filtration, erosion control) to communities.

The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative helps communities to “count” these natural assets and assign a value that’s equivalent to the service a human-built asset would provide. By counting nature as an asset, municipalities can make a strong financial case for protection and conservation, while relying less on engineered assets.