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MNAI is developing the professional natural asset management support that local governments need and we invite your input! Let us know what can work for your profession and what would work in your province. There are two ways to provide input:

  1. Enter the Challenge Dialogue here and tell us what you think!
    (Open until March 22, 2022), and/or
  2. Contact us at [email protected]

Most engineers, geoscientists, financial officers, planners, biologists, and landscape architects are members of professional associations that guide their work in many fields. These professional disciplines recognize the importance of working with widely accepted standards and norms that ensure consistency and a high level of service and quality. 

These professionals are also looking for guidance in the field of natural asset management. A significant first step occurred when British Columbia’s engineering and geoscience regulator released professional practice guidelines on natural asset management in 2021. Initial professional training has started so the engineers and geoscientists can successfully apply the professional practice guidelines.

MNAI will take your input and add it to the initial roadmap that we developed with an advisory group and that the Real Estate Foundation of BC supported. The roadmap provides direction on how to connect with professional bodies across Canada to see which ones are interested in exploring and developing professional norms, standards or guidance related to natural asset management. MNAI will then work with the interested parties to develop projects that result in professional standards (or other guidance) for their members.  

Establishing recognized, high-level, national, professional standards is an important piece to making natural asset management mainstream across Canada. Check out our Path to Scale blog for thoughts on what else is needed and what actions MNAI is taking to get us there. 

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