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Creating Natural Asset Inventories

The Town of Okotoks, Alberta has just released a Request for Proposals [RFP] for a consultant to help them develop an inventory of their natural assets, which is an important early step to effective natural asset management.

As noted in the documentation, once the Town of Okotoks has awarded the RFP, they will retain MNAI to work with the winning bidder. This way, we’ll be able to share our accumulated experience in developing the Town’s natural asset inventories; and begin developing recommended norms for others to do so, which will help local governments across Canada develop their own natural asset inventories in standard, comparable ways.

MNAI looks forward to working with the winning bidder and with the Town of Okotoks in this important undertaking.

MNAI’s mission is to make municipal natural asset management a mainstream practice across Canada and beyond.  Supporting the Town of Okotoks is an important step towards this.  Recommended norms will help ensure that natural asset management – beginning with inventories – is effective, replicable, comparable across Canada, and constantly improving.  Over time, they will also form the basis for curriculum and training to ensure that local governments benefit from high-quality support based on current best practices.

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