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Career Opportunity: Engineering and Environment Advisor

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MNAI is seeking an Engineering and Environment Advisor to work in the growing and innovative field of municipal natural asset management.

The Engineering and Environment Advisor will work with MNAI’s multi-disciplinary team of experts to provide authoritative, technical advice to help local governments understand, measure, value and manage natural assets’ abilities to provide core infrastructure services.

Local governments in Canada are facing increasing challenges of failing infrastructure, climate change impacts, and rising service delivery costs. Many of the services local governments provide to their residents and businesses – including water and wastewater delivery, waste removal, transportation, and environmental services – depend on engineered infrastructure assets that need expensive and urgent renewal. Therefore, more and more local governments are exploring nature-based solutions so they can continue delivering core services in affordable, financially and environmentally sustainable ways.

Municipal natural asset management is proving to be a vital strategy and approach. Emerging evidence demonstrates that natural assets (e.g. forests, creeks, streams, which are sometimes called green infrastructure) can provide the same or even better services (e.g. protecting from floods, managing stormwater, providing drinking water) than many engineered assets, and often at a fraction of the cost and usually with other benefits such as increased community resilience.

MNAI has been pre-approved to host a placement through the federal Science Horizons wage funding program, details of which are here: The Science Horizons program requires that applicants be 30 years old or younger, so if you’re a recent Engineering graduate in the ecology or resource management fields and are passionate about sustainability, apply now! This is a contract position and hours will vary.

Please click here for the full job description and to apply.

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