Case studies

Results from the first national cohort

In 2016-17,  five pilot communities tested and refined the municipal natural asset management approach and methodology: the City of Nanaimo, BC, Town of Grand Forks, BC, District of West Vancouver, BC, Town of Oakville, ON, and the Region of Peel, ON. Each community selected a natural asset of interest within their jurisdiction with which to pilot municipal natural asset management, and the MNAI team worked closely with municipal staff to guide them through the methodology.

MNAI: results from the first national cohort-summary
Cohort 2 national project overview

Results from the second national cohort

This Project Overview document outlines the findings of, and lessons learned by, six local governments as they investigated how natural assets are benefiting their communities, how to increase resiliency under future climate scenarios, and what economic value is being derived from these natural assets. While the focus was on water quality and quantity benefits, numerous other benefits were also identified for future analysis.