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This community has completed its pilot project:

Region of Peel, Ontario

The Regional Municipality of Peel (population approximately 1,000,000) is located in Southern Ontario, Canada. The pilot area is the Credit River Watershed (CRW) located for the most part within the Region of Peel. The CRW is approximately 1000 km2 in size with 22 sub-watersheds. Given the large watershed size and correspondingly high data requirements, the pilot focussed on an urban and rural sub-watershed. The Region of Peel – together with partner organization Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) – had as its principle interest the integration of natural assets into asset management frameworks. As with the City of Grand Forks, water issues were already topical as costs associated with storm events and infrastructure increased due to the impacts of climate change, growth and development.

Management questions that the Region and CVCA explored included:

  • What is the value of the services in financial terms provided by the natural assets in the sub-watersheds with respect to avoidance of flooding/erosion, maintenance of clean water (quality) and maintenance of base-flow (quantity)?
  • What are the management options with a view to maximization of these services?
  • How will observed climate change trends impact the natural assets and the services they provide?
  • What are the operations and maintenance costs associated with the management options associated with the natural assets for each scenario?

Click here to view Peel’s case study.

UPDATE: The Region of Peel has since gone on to inventory and assess stormwater services across the entire region.  Find out more here! 

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