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This Cohort 2 project further refined the municipal natural asset methodology that was piloted in Cohort 1, and added additional practical examples to the evidence base for municipal natural asset management.

Town of Florencevillle-Bristol, New Brunswick

Increasingly frequent and intense rainstorms along the St. John River in the Florenceville-Bristol region of New Brunswick have caused major flooding, ongoing damage to culverts, expensive repairs, road washouts, and access issues for residents and emergency services. This project explored the role natural assets play in controlling erosion, the associated implications for the maintenance of culverts and roadside ditches, and how much it would cost to replace the forests with engineered stormwater management ponds.

Findings indicate it would cost $3.5 million to re-create the stormwater management services currently provided by the forests with an engineered alternative and, in a changing climate, this value would increase to $4.1 million.

Town of Florenceville-Bristol

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