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The community that started it all:

Town of Gibsons, British Columbia

The Town of Gibsons is located just north of Vancouver, British Columbia on the Sunshine Coast. It has a population of approximately 4,400 and is roughly 1,000 acres in size. With limited resources for infrastructure maintenance and replacement, the Town is increasingly focusing on natural capital and the services it provides as a cost-­effective alternative.

Gibsons is fortunate to have many natural assets, which form a fundamental part of the Town’s infrastructure. The Gibsons Aquifer, for example, provides water storage and filtration, while delivering drinking water so pure it meets health standards without any chemical treatment.  Creeks and woodlands help manage the rainwater. And the foreshore area of the beaches acts as a natural seawall.  Click here for more information on the work they’ve completed to date on natural asset management.

Nature, and the ecosystems services that it provides, is a fundamental component of the Town of Gibsons’ municipal infrastructure system.

Economic valuation of the stormwater management services provided by the Whitetower Park ponds, Gibsons, BC

Integrating natural assets into financial planning supports integrated decision-making and risk reduction in Gibsons. Here are lessons from their approach to date.

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