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This Cohort 2 project further refined the municipal natural asset methodology that was piloted in Cohort 1, and added additional practical examples to the evidence base for municipal natural asset management.

Village of Riverside-Albert, New Brunswick

Water quality and boil water advisories have been a concern for the Village and climate change could affect both water quality and quantity, particularly during dry summer periods when growing tourism adds to demand. This project assessed the Village’s watershed and what actions could be taken to maintain and improve the natural area’s long-term water supply.

Project findings show that replacing the watershed by building a groundwater system would cost between $0.8 and $1.2 million. Buying water and trucking it to the Village would cost $0.8 to $1.1 annually, which can be converted to a present value of $27 to $37 million.

Village of Riverside-Albert

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