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“The Southeast Regional Service Commission (SERC) has just concluded two projects in New Brunswick with MNAI, both of which will help us minimize the requirements for new engineered infrastructure.The results are already being used to inform development decisions and planning and by-law changes. We hope to work with MNAI again in the near future!”

James Bornemann, SERC

“The City of Grand Forks has experienced two major floods over the last few years. Working with MNAI, we developed an understanding of the functions and value of the Kettle Valley Floodplain in reducing flood damage. This contributed directly to the City receiving $49.9 million in funding from the Federal Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund program. This funding will help protect both residential neighbourhoods and vulnerable areas in the downtown core, and as part of this, to restore riparian areas, recreate wetland areas, and re-establish floodplain in high risk areas, including through land acquisition and removing dwellings and infrastructure from vulnerable areas”

Graham Watt, City of Grand Forks

“The District of West Vancouver was one of the first MNAI pilot projects. MNAI’s natural asset management process allowed us to confront the very real risk to local governments when they fail to inventory, value and manage nature as an asset, and start to address it. For example, the initial work led to our recent District-wide efforts to inventory and value ALL our natural assets, which we can now leverage to make smarter decisions across the board.”

Isabel Gordon, Director Financial Services, District of West Vancouver

aerial of West Vancouver