Introduction to municipal natural asset management

Natural Asset Management for Local Governments

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Natural Asset Management for Local Governments, document cover

Defining and Scoping Municipal Natural Assets

Defining and Scoping Municipal Natural Assets

The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) is changing the way municipalities deliver everyday services, increasing the quality and resilience of infrastructure at lower costs and reduced risk. The MNAI team provides scientific, economic and municipal expertise to support and guide local governments in identifying, valuing and accounting for natural assets in their financial planning and asset management programs, and in developing leading-edge, sustainable and climate resilient infrastructure.

Primer to chart your course towards Natural Asset Management

This primer will:

  • Introduce you to Municipal Natural Asset Management
  • Explain why it is important to consider natural assets as part of your
    overall asset management strategy
  • Help you chart your community’s course towards implementing
    Municipal Natural Asset Management
Primer on Natural Asset Management
Municipal Natural Asset Management as a sustainable infrastructure strategy

Green Growth Knowledge

This paper documents an emerging strategy to manage natural assets such as woodlands, wetlands, and creeks in urban areas as part of a sustainable infrastructure strategy. Specifically, the paper explores Canadian local government experience through the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI) to identify, value, and account for natural assets’ contribution to municipal government service delivery, services that would otherwise need to be delivered by engineered assets.