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Natural Assets Initiative

Why Manage Natural Assets?

  • Natural assets such as aquifers, forests, streams, riparian areas and foreshores can provide municipalities with vital services equivalent to those from many engineered assets.
  • Emerging evidence shows that identifying, measuring and managing natural assets as part of an overall asset management strategy can save capital and operating costs and reduce risk.
  • Local governments are finding that natural assets are resilient and adaptable to climate change. With effective monitoring, maintenance and rehabilitation now, natural assets can provide service and add value for decades in ways that many engineered assets cannot match.
  • In some communities, development cost charges may be able to support the rehabilitation of natural assets.
  • There are external funding sources to support the maintenance/rehabilitation of municipal natural assets.
  • Some natural assets serve multiple purposes. For example, parks may reduce flooding risks as well as provide recreational benefits and can be managed to maximize several objectives.
Primer on Natural Asset Management
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