Document d’orientation à l’intention des municipalités

Le présent document d’orientation vise à fournir aux communautés côtières des conseils sur la manière d’inventorier leurs actifs naturels côtiers, d’élaborer des options de gestion des actifs et d’évaluer des solutions de rechange à l’aide de la boîte à outils côtière dans le cadre plus large de la méthodologie de la MNAI relative aux actifs naturels.

Guidance Document for Municipalities

As more research is directed toward the concept of natural infrastructure, it is becoming clear that coastal ecosystems can provide substantial protection from flooding and erosion, often at less cost and with greater long-term resilience compared to traditional grey infrastructure (Arkema et al. 2017).

report cover - Managing Natural Assets to Increase Coastal Resilience in Pointe-du-Chêne


Communities all along Canada’s coasts are facing infrastructure challenges. The structures that people originally built to protect their settlements from storm surges are showing their age, especially as they try to protect against bigger and more frequent storms that climate change is causing.